Learn Something New for Free using Skillshare app. One of the Minimalism guide that I want to share with you is learning something new every week or everyday. By doing hour by hour detox (which I will post soon),you will have an hour dedicated for learning something new. You will keep your mind sharp by learning, and it doesn’t hurt if you know how to make a lot of things. In fact, it will be very beneficial if you learn new things. One of the difficulty in wanting to learn something new is that we do not know how to start and we do not want to spend any money. So, I recommend an app to help you Learn Something New for Free. Skillshare has free tutorials where you can learn things. You can also get a 1 month free trial in their skillshare app where you can access the premium lessons. Ofcourse you can use you tube to learn something new but if you do not know what to learn you can start with skillshare.

How to  Learn Something New for Free using Skillshare App

  1. First you need to register for free in their website. Download their skillshare app and look for the free 1 month link and register. Just make sure to deactivate it before the end of the month because you might be charged for the next months if you fail to do so. If you do not want to subscribe to the 1 month free trial, you can still enroll to free lessons available online. Note that you should deactivate the 1 month free in your google playstore.

2. If you do not want to try the 1 month subscription, you can just browse the lessons and look for a lesson that interests you. If it is a premium class, just look for a class or tutorial similar to it in youtube.com. The reason why I recommend this app is because it is convenient and the videos loads faster than youtube.

3. The Skillshare app contain hundreds of video tutorials all over the world. You only need to click the enroll button to access the lessons. Watch the lesson and take notes as you watch it.

4. If you want to be a premium member, you can try the $.99 subscription for 3 months. That is about Php 50 for 3 months worth of lessons.

5. The reason that I shared this app to you is because I learned a lot from it. One of the best lesson that I gained is how to make organic lotions, soap, laundry soap, how to make plushy toys, bookbinding, and blogging. There are a lot of lessons which you can learn.

Learn Something New for Free – Learning does not have to be expensive, if you really want it for free. You can try these tips:

  • Check the skillshare app and use it to find something that interests you, look for that in youtube or research on that.


  • Subscribe to the 1 month free trial, deactivate before it expires, and then create a new account and do the same.

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