Learn Meditation for Free using a simple app called Headspace. Headspace offers a free 10 sessions and these 10 sessions are sufficient to teach you meditation. One tip for a healthy living is mediation.

Benefits of Meditation

There are a lot of benefits of meditation such as improving energy level and immune system. The best benefit, I think, is its benefit to our minds and emotion. Meditation helps us relax by decreasing our anxiety. I believe that one of the cause of a weak body is anxiety, sadness, and stress. By meditating, we learn how to relax during hard times. I will share my personal experience regarding meditation. I have been hearing this meditation concept for so long but I do notknow how to do it. It was only when I read in into-mind.com that the author is using headspace to meditate. I was blessed to learn meditation before I heard a sad news that made me feel like I lost my honor. I failed the bar examination his year, I did not cry or became depressed. Rather, I faced it with determination. I think this strong thinking that I have was greatly contributed by meditation. What we want is to train the mind not to panic during tough times and good times. By doing that, we are stable and stress free.

Why Learn Meditation for Free using Headspace app?

The reason I recommend that we Learn Meditation for Free using the Headspace app is because I personally tested and tried this app. I was very satisfied how Headspace works, it is simple and easy to follow. All you have to do to Learn Meditation for Free is to download the app, get a headset or earphones and listen to the recording. The recording will guide you on what to think about during the 10 minute session. The voice of the instructor is soothing and relaxing.  What is even better is that you can repeat the 10 sessions everytime, it does not expire.

How to Meditate According to Headspace

It is best that you download the app to really guide you on how to Learn Meditation for Free. For those who cannot download it or wants to know it already this are some guides on how to meditate:

  1. Find a relaxing position, you can sit down on a chair, floor, or anything as long as you are relaxed.
  2. Do not close your eyes yet, just be aware of your surroundings and breathe loudly into the nose and exhale through the mouth. When I said loudly, it means that you should breath in such a way that a person beside you can hear it. Just do about 6-10 deep breaths.
  3. Then slowly close your eyes and return to normal breathing.
  4. Notice the weight of your body to the floor or chair, notice the contact of your body to any objects.
  5. You will start to notice the sounds around you, just allow the sounds to come to you without focusing on something in particular. After a few minutes,
  6.  Bring the attention back to the body. Scan your body (using your mind) from the head to the feet. I learn from another app called breath that you should start your scanning by noticing the head, ears, mouth, nose and jaws. Put your attention to eat and feel it. Then neck and the shoulders, then the torso and chest, then your arms and fingers, then the stomach and pelvic area, the legs, feet, and toes. Scan the entire body slowly.
  7. You will then notice the rise and fall of your breathing, count your breathing from 1- 10, 1 for inhale and count until 10. When you reach 10 start from 1 again until 10. Do that for a few minutes.
  8. After the count, let your mind do what it wants to do. If it wants to think let it think. Then after about two minute go back to your body.
  9. Feel again the contact of your body to any external objects.
  10. Notice the sounds around you.
  11. Then in your own time, slowly open your eyes. Smile and Stretch.

Those are some guides on how to meditate. Take note that meditation does not train you to hinder your mind of negative thoughts, rather it trains the mind to become an observant. An exaple in Headspace tells us that we are like a person watching the thoughts come and go like cars by the road. We are like observers, we do not chase the thoughts or hinder it because if we do that we become caught in a jam meaning we will stress ourselves.

So, to end my post I recommend Headspace and take advantage of the 10 free lessons on how to meditate. That is one easy way for you to Learn Meditation for Free.

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