How to earn money online? Many perhaps were asking this question. There are so many ways to earn money online such as freelancing and applying for an online tutorial job. There is, however, one that I want to introduce to everyone. It is not a quick cash or an easy money scheme. I want to introduce you to SFIMG, an online business platform which will help you earn passive income.

Imagine this, you sit at home and play with your dogs while drinking tea. While you are doing these fun things, you are earning income online. That is what you can achieve with SFIMG Business. You do not have to work 24/7 to earn a 24/7 income. That is the beauty of starting a business. The best thing about this is that you can START FOR FREE.

So, how to earn money online from this program? Is this a networking business?

This is an MLM business but you do not have any spend money to earn money here. Although it is easy to just spend money to build a team, you can still earn big income without spending your own money.

Here’s how to earn money online

  1. SFIMG owns a TC Store. TC Store is an online selling platform like shoppee and amazon, what’s the difference? Unlike shoppee and amazon that you sell your own product, you can refer people with stores and encourage them to sell their products online. This program is called ECA, you earn commission from their sales. Even if you do not know anyone, the entire TC Store is your own store. You can sell the products and earn commissions with every sale.

2. Become an Executive Affiliate and build a CSA Team. Having a team is a great way to earn, all of you will benefit from each other’s sales.

3. Create a PSA team –  you earn direct commission every time your PSA team purchase something. Encourage your PSA to reach at least EA status and do #1 , #2, #3 listed above.

There are more ways to earn money online using SFI Business. I will tell you how in my next posts.

Keep building your team and you will surely succeed. Plus, you will get FREE ACCESS to marketing training and Internet Income Courses. Why not try it now?


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