New Notary Book for July 2018

I am almost finished with of my promised second book for new lawyers. However, should I just use word format for the book so that it is easier to edit or should I use PDF format? I hope someone will give their suggestion.

Aside from common contracts, I will be adding a sample franchise agreement and sample notarial transmittal. I will also add a sample notarial book but this is a bit obsolete since we have to purchase our Notarial Books. The problem with these Notarial Books is that they are always sold out and we end up using the spreed sheet (excel) in making notarial books.

I was also occupied by my website’s theme design. I wanted it to be focused and centered so I kept on changing the theme. I hope I could make it right soon. 

A little TIP: There is no law about Franchise Agreement in the Philippines, hence franchising is under voluntary licensing agreement of the Intellectual Property Code. 

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