How do we spend our limited time? We have a limited time but we spend this time in school and work. We spend so little time with the things that we truly love such as family, pets, and hobbies. We get so distracted with synthetic things like gadgets, money, and real property.

We are tied in a system where children are separated from their parents at a young age. We spend so much time in school but so little time with our family. This system continues until we grow old: we work at least eight hours a day, go home and sleep, and spend a few hours with our family or hobbies. We spend more times in things that we do not like and spend so few for the things that truly matter to us.

I envy those who can spend so much time for the things they love. That is actually my goal in life. Spend as much time with my family, hobbies, pets, and many more. Not bound by deadlines and stresses in work.

We, however, could not escape this system of spending more time with strangers than those we care about. I do not know why the world adopted that kind of system. We work and study for money because that is the world that we live in. Without money, we die.

There are people who are blessed to do what they enjoy and earn from it. Passive income is one of the best ways to enjoy life while earning. It is, however, not as easy as earning active income. Passive income are money that you earn without actively working such as rents, royalties, and others. I am glad of the internet because it is generating passive income to a lot of people like youtubers. It is now so easy to set up paid class sessions and online stores.

Maybe, things will change now. Just maybe.

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