The inner purpose of law profession is, for me, an indispensable part of lawyers. Law profession is a stressful environment because we carry other people’s problem. There is a time that we fall to a downward spiral where we work for money and prestige. We lose our focus of what is truly essential in life. We forget the noble reason why we first entered law school. I used to envy my classmates in law school who wanted to become lawyers because they wanted to help people or because they were inspired to be one.

As we pass the bar and deal with clients, we lose parts of ourselves in the process. I believe that all lawyers undergo the stage where they will ask, “why am I doing this?”. If you are stuck in this position, it is probably because you are losing focus to your essence. There is a point in the life of a lawyer where they will get lost and will chase the monetary value of the profession. People will start calling them mosquitoes or leech and other names. The lawyer will lose their happiness and will start relying on money as their focus in life.

A lawyer does not have to be like this. I believe that the reason why some lawyers fall into a trap of greed is because they lost their inner purpose. Inner purpose is the driving force that made you pass the bar. Inner purpose is the activity that will feed your soul. It can be dynamic or simple. I have a friend who’s inner purpose was to become a role model for his children. He was a taxi driver but wanted his children to achieve more in life. He wanted his children to achieve higher dreams, that was his inner purpose for entering law school. Six years hence and he is a lawyer whom his children can be proud of. As long as he keep his purpose in his heart – a wonderful role model for his children – he will never lose his purpose.

I was in the IBP Office after I attended a case, I was in the losing end of the spiral because I lost my purpose. I am so grateful to my LORD because he allowed me to meet our batch mate who is a great person. She said that she accepts pro bono cases because that was the reason why we entered law – to serve the public. Her inner purpose was to render legal services for free. For some reason I felt relieved after talking to her. She is unlike my current employer who is rich and hold numerous business. We were told to sell our legal services and be happy for the money we receive. My friend, atty IBP, reminded me that law profession is a noble profession and not a business. One needs to have a soul to continue in this legal profession. There should be a purpose other than money that makes one a lawyer.

Some of my batch mates find their purpose – to serve the indigent defendants. As for me, I found my purpose but not under criminal law. It was like a ray of light. My advice to all lawyers, whether new or not, is to find your inner purpose. Apart from riches, what happiness will your profession bring you which will feed your souls? What is unique to your profession that can give you happiness?

If you find it – keep it in your hearts and that will remind you that indeed law profession is a legal profession.

The Inner Purpose of Law Profession is your ikigai. What is your reason for waking up in the morning and using your legal wisdom? Think of the answer other than worldly wealth.

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