Have you heard of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)?

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder. DID was used multiple times in movies and series where a person’s personality changes from one person to another. I thought this disorder existed only in movies, but I stumbled upon a youtube video recently which opened my eyes to DID.

Have you heard of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)?

Dissociative Identity Disorder is real and there are numerous people who are diagnosed with the disorder. I believe that the development of DID is a defense mechanism of the body because one reason of DID is childhood trauma. Most women who suffered from extreme childhood trauma developed DID wherein their subconscious creates a separate and distinct person to help the body.

Jesse is just one of the people diagnosed with DID, her youtube channel is linked here. She explained what a DID is and what it feels to be diagnosed with DID. What is interesting about her channel is that some of her alters presented themselves. The other personality is called “Alter”, however I feel like they are not just another personality but another person living in one body. Chloe, another you tuber with DID, described her disorder like the movie “inside out” where multiple people controls the mind.

I loved how Jesse’s alters protect her. It is like her brain made little compartments for different alters to exist and support her. However, there are stories of dangerous alters who are psychopaths depicted in movies. I pity the people to which these stories were based because during their time DID was misunderstood and they themselves could not explain their behavior. I believe that these alters were just confused due to the little knowledge about DID in the past. I am glad that the world is being made aware of DID because persons who were diagnosed with DID want to be understood.

One article entitled  My life with dissociative identity disorder described his/her experiences. The author described how he/she hears voices that calms her during anxiety or felt compulsion to do things such as cook even if she/he does not want to. He/she was also surprised of the existence of things that she/he does not own or orders which he/she could not recall ordering. After learning that she/he has DID, everything made sense and probably felt relieved.

When I first watched Jesse’s video, I thought it was fake but after watching it all I could see that she’e real, All her alters are different but all aimed at wanting to protect her. I felt like she has a family inside a virtual reality. I wacthed more videos of other youtubers with DID and it is really enlightening. It is good to know that people with DID are not killers as portrayed by media. They are friendly and part of the human body. I wish to know more about them and I am happy to the people who are sharing their experiences. In fact I also want to increase the awareness of people to DID.

The you tubers and writers narrated how they learned that they have DID and what it feels to have DID. If you wish to know more about them. Please click the links in the text or the links below:

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