Love Yourself By Forgiving Yourself

by: Nancy Monk

“…As we forgive those who sinned against us…” You might have uttered this prayer a thousand times before. You might have forgiven everyone who wronged you. You probably gave everything to charities and missionary works, yet you feel empty. Do you have regrets in life where you hated yourself for doing it? Is there something in your past that you do not want to recall because of shame, pain, or regret?

All of us did something in the past that we regretted and wished never did and hated ourselves for that. I did and sometimes it paralyzed me from loving myself. No matter how great our mistake were, we must forgive ourselves. We are human, we make mistakes, there was nothing we could do to change our past. We can only change our present so we could have a great future.

First, we have to accept that we made a mistake and we must acknowledge it. Talk to your self and tell YOU that you made a mistake but you know that you did it because that was what you thought was right in that situation. You know that you have millions of reasons why you did it. You have a lot of what ifs, yet what can you do? That was what you came up with. So, forgive yourself for your mistakes.

They say things happen for a reason, I believe that some of you do not believe that. You end up hurting yourself and blaming your past self for what you are now. People will tell you to move on but how can you move on when you hate yourself. It is time for you to meditate and reflect upon yourself.

You know that you are a very beautiful person and God created you according to his image. Sure, you did something wrong in the past. What can you do? Forgive yourself. Do not dwell on the past. Forgive yourself and move on.

Rather that you dwelling in the past, do something today to fix your future. I used to blame myself for breaking a relationship. I used to say if I had done the opposite, maybe my life would be different now. I talked to myself one day, like an inner thought saying,  “you were a kid then, I forgive you for whatever decisions you made. What can we do now?”  As if by magic, I felt some relief. I stopped regretting things and focused on asking forgiveness to those  I hurt in the past.

Let us all forgive ourselves for our past actions. Only then can we learn to love ourselves for who we are.

To do:

Tell yourself, “Please forgive me SELF, I did things in the past that affect you now. Please forgive me”

Reply with, “I forgive you”.

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