Trigger to Start your Day. This week is a tough week for me. The rainy day halted my activities and messed up my schedule. I just woke up and seeing the fog and rain, I just cannot start with my usual activities. Instead of reviewing, I ended up watching a variety show. I wonder why I do not have the energy to start my day today. I remembered reading about “triggers” which starts your daily activity.


What is a Trigger to Start your Day?

Trigger is a light that lights your day. It signals the start of your daily activities. It is like a signal saying, “Have a nice day and do your activities”. Some people start their day with coffee, after they drink their coffee, they start their routine. Some people are not aware of it but they usually have a “trigger” to start their day. When they missed the trigger, they will most likely not follow their daily routine. Some people might not realize this but they have a trigger which they are not aware of. I planned to start my day with tea but I ended up having sunshine for a trigger. I started my day and do my tasks when the sun is bright. I never really realized it until it started raining. It is raining for a week now and I did not do my tasks for 2 days already. I cannot start my usual activities because there is no sunshine. I am bothered by it but I have to try my best and start with my activity. Some people no longer start when they stopped for a few days but the trick here is to continue creating a habit.

What is a habit in my view?

Habit is a usual activity that you do to achieve your goals. It is not learned overnight and you have to work for it. I am starting a habit, yes I am planning to accomplish my goals daily but I chose a wrong trigger to start my day. I should probably choose a different trigger, however I realized that I am not aware of it until now. I will do my best to go back on my schedule tomorrow. Hopefully I can start working again despite the depressing trigger.


I learned that creating a habit is not easy, I am still starting one and it is not easy.


What I learned from a month of trying to create a habit?

I learned that you can be busy and relax at the same time. My favorite app is pomodoro timer because it lets you have a break for 5 minutes every 25 minutes of work. This way, you can focus and think of something else later during your break. When you want to start a habit, it is nice to have this timer. You also need to rest every time so that you will not be drained by your work. If you are working, keep a timer. It will give you more boosts to do more things.


I am looking forward for the next day.

I hope I can build my habit and reach my goals.


Trigger to Start your Day

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