Single Task Focus !

Did you know that our minds can only do a single  voluntary act? Our mind is efficient when focusing in a single task at hand. With more focus, there are more task which your mind can do efficiently.

“I’ve been multi-tasking every single day!”, you might argue. Your brain does not really multi-task but efficiently turning on and off the brains responsible for your action. Thus, giving you the illusion that you are doing many things at once. Based on studies, you tend to give lower productivity rate when you do multiple tasks at a time. There was an experiment made to a person who claimed to be efficient in multi-tasking. He was asked to drive in a controlled drive way while being interviewed by another though phone. The result? He was not able to avoid sudden interruptions in the road and cannot properly answer questions.

Our brain is most relaxed when doing a single task. When our mind is focusing in a single thing, the task done is most efficient. Do you not believe me? Why don’t you try watching this cool and interactive documentary about our brain. Watch the Brain Games Documentary here.

Single Task Focus

Why is it important to focus and do one task at a time?

  1. We can increase our productivity if we do a single task at a time.
  2. We learn more if we are not distracted.
  3. We can retain more information if we do not clutter our minds with so many things.

How to do a Single Task Focus?

  1. List down the things you want accomplished.
  2. Finish one task before doing the rest.
  3. Have a break when you are tired and return to your task.
  4. Just do one. Keep that in mind!

Give your brain a rest, let it rest by doing one task at a time


Single Task Focus

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