Q: Hi. Read your post on getting a notarial commission. I just have a few questions. 1. How many copies did you have to prepare and submit to the OCC? 2. Did you pay 2500 all in (publication and filing fee)? 3. Did you submit your original IBP receipt? 4. How did your hearing go? I am still preparing my own petition and believe me, I have asked other lawyer friends about the process. Unfortunately, no one has responded yet. So, I am very glad you posted this as it is very helpful. Thanks and happy holidays!


A: Sorry for the late reply. You only need one copy all annexes should be photocopied. Upon submission bring the originals with you so OCC can compare. They will get the original rtc clearance, good morals, and obc clearance. Php 2500 is excessive if there are more than 10 applicants in your batch. You should file a petition to the occ for the recomputation of the publucation fee. We were charged with Pho 2500 each but we filed a petition and we were able to get about 1500 refund. For the hearing, best see for yourself ☺

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