How to earn more points in Pera Swipe. You cannot earn million points in a few days but you can earn a hundreds of points in one day. Please use me as your referrer if you have none, use my name: smileswipe. Thank you. Here are simple steps to earn more points in Pera Swipe:

NOTE: The some of the following contents are already outdate please check the June 2018 update here!

1. Swipe 100

Make sure to swipe up and down for 100 times. It is my first ritual in pera swipe, when the ads appear I will count 120 swipes to make sure its 100.

2. Participate in events.

Make sure to do the daily attendance. All events can be found in the “events” tab.

3. Swipe to maximum

Usually, you can swipe right until 300 points before you reach quota. The latest update allows you to access the ads page in your last used apps. After swiping right, you will see the Pera swipe unlock in your last used apps. Access it again and reach your quota.

4. Spread the word to your friends

Tell your friends to register using your username and both of you will earn 555 points. Invite as much as you can because there’s no limit.

These are my practical tips on how to earn more points in Pera Swipe. If you like this post and you have no referrer yet, please use “smileswipe”. Thank you!

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