Good day everyone!

I have been busy this month because I am launching a new project which will bring smiles to everyone.

With my new project, local farmers from the Cordillera mountains will be able to sell their products directly to you. Coffee has been a big part of Cordilleran culture and I want to share with you their traditional coffee blend. Feel its fresh aroma while helping local farmers and their family.

Go Wisdom Coffee is a new project which I will be launching soon where you can purchase Benguet Blend Coffee and Robusta Arabica ground coffee for your homes. All revenues will go to the farmers and to this project. All products will come from Baguio City so be assured that all coffee are 100% mountain coffee.

You do not have to go to famous cafes in Baguio to enjoy our rich and fragrant coffee. You can stay at home and create your home based cafe.

I hope that you will all support me for my Go Wisdom Coffee next year.

#gowisdomcoffee #cofeefrombaguio

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