What to feed your sick Dog when he/she refuses to eat. This is based on my experience. My dog refuses to eat for more than three days. I searched the internet for homemade remedies until I stumbled on a post ( I will look for it).


The solution is feeding the dog with raw eggs. What I did is that I heated the egg for a few seconds to make sure that some germs will die. First,beat the eggs. Second, pour in the pan and mix until a bit hot but still liquidy. You can skip this step if your egg is fresh and organic or just fresh.

Let the egg cool down. Using a syringe (pointy part removed), force feed a few to the dog’s mouth. Most of the time the dog loves it so you do not have to force the dog to swallow it. If lethargic, force feed. I give about 5ml every hour. I also force feed warm water usually with sugar and bit of salt every 1 to 2hours, 5ml each or 10ml depending n the dog’s mood.

Go to the vet if possible but the most essential method is to pray to Lord Jehovah for help.



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