What Android Games to Download – Here are some offline and fun games that you may want to play.

What Android Games to Download

1. Survive Game

Difficulty: Medium to Hard

Review: Survive is an android game which makes you really think. I tried several times before I was able to “survive”. In this game, you are lost in the wilderness and your goal is to make it to the civilization by surviving long enough to walk towards salvation. You will start with few items in your bag and there will be lots of options for you. You can collect water, explore, create shelter, craft, and the like. Try it for yourself and let’s see if you will survive.



Difficulty: Easy as can be ( Tappibg game)

A knight is hiring a pageboy who will follow him around, pick all loots, heal him, and upgrade his gears. All you have to do is be attentive and collect. It is a nice time killer.

3. Virtual Beggar

Difficulty: Easy (tapping game)

The beggar needs money and he need your help. When you tap, coins will fall for him. Help him become the richest beggar by using the money to invest in businesses and such.

4. Tap Titan

Difficulty: A bit easy

Tap away to defeat monsters. Use the drops to upgrade yourself, hire heroes and upgrade them. Let’s see what level willbyou reach?


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