Many people are asking what they should give someone. Few asks what not to give as Christmas gift and yet this is an important question as well. It is easier to think of a gift by eliminating the things that you should not give during Christmas time. You can also read 3 gifts for Christmas.

What not to give as Christmas gift

1. Crappy Homemade Crafts – Many are saying that it is the thought that count but we should not also use it as a reason to give someone a crappy or ugly thing. We should not expect that the recipient will be grateful if he/she received a useless item. Let us be honest, do we really want to receive something useless and ugly? The truth is, we don’t. We want to receive something useful. Receiving an ugly useless thing is not something we want to receive after we waited for 11 months for December. They say that it is the though that counts but is it really thoughtful for us if we give something useless. We are not kids who makes cute little things for their friends and parents. If we can afford, give something useful. It is absolutely fine if you excel in your skill at creating stuff but if not, think of something else. You can give homemade clothes, bags, or shoes if you are capable of doing it and you can make a wearable and presentable one. If you can create cute plush toys then it is fine. But if not, do not expect the receiver to be happy. Your effort will just go to the trash can or be kept in a cold corner of his/her closet.

2. Pranks – Christmas time is not the time for pranks, save it to some other time. Those people who ruin other people’s year should not give a gift at all. Do not give useless items like blue magic’s “poop” item or something you think is funny. Even if the theme is “funny gift” be decent enough and give something nice.

3. Christmas theme items – Like clothes, bags, or items with Christmas designs. It is Christmas but you should not give Christmas designs. The gift is meant to be used during non-Christmas season so you should not give a Christmas theme designs. For example, do not give a shirt with Merry Christmas in it – the recipient will only use it inside their house or will not use it at all. Just remember, you are giving something that your recipient will use during January to November, not something that he/she will use during December. (Unless, the recipient is a collector who loves those things).

4. Do not give cheap jewelries to women and cheap watches to men – Just don’t do it. If you cannot afford medium class jewelries and watches do not buy it.

5. Do not give them novels and story books if you do not know their preference. Just because you like the book does not mean they like it too.

6. Do not give breakable and fragile items. There are many beautiful figurines and glass things but you do not want to give your recipient a problem of keeping these gifts safe. You also want these gifts to last.

7. If you do not want to receive something, most likely your recipient do not want it too.

8. Do not give clothes when you do not know their style preferences. If you do not know them well and you are not aware of their fashion style, do not give them clothes. Give them if you have a fashion sense but if not, do not risk it.

9. Food – do not put a Christmas wrap on food and give it to them. If you want to give them something to eat, give it to them without wrapping it in Christmas gifts. It is okay if it is a favorite food which that person have no access to but if it is a grocery item – please don’t. Unless, it is a whole month supply of his/her favorite food or condiments then go ahead.

10. Symbolic items – you do not have to be deep so do not give them something in the guise that it symbolizes something beautiful. Do not give a thing and say that it represents beauty in some place when it is clearly unattractive.

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