Tinder App Review by Filipina. Yes, I tried Tinder App recently to see how interesting it is because of all the hype out there about it. Some people might love it and be addicted to it and I understand why. I will be narrating  my experience in Tinder. Before I start, I would like to remind everyone that my views do not reflect the views of the general population. In fact, it might not reflect the real view of my fellow Filipina since I am a unique person.

These narrations are from a typical Filipina (conservative, God-fearing Filipina who is not a gold digger)

Tinder App Review by Filipina

Tinder App Review by Filipina
Tinder is a dry, flammable material, such as wood or paper, used for lighting a fire. (Fire of Love? lol)

Day 1: Checking the Surroundings 

It all began in a sunny afternoon. While the world is alive outside, I was inside the office away from all the fun nature could bring. Suddenly, as if a lightning of idea struck my head,  I asked what tinder was and thought I should check it out. So, I downloaded the App and used my real Facebook account to register. I am too lazy to make a fake account. Now, once you are in you could see three main options: your profile and settings, place where you see people, your matches and your messages.

I tried searching my area, I cringed about how people present themselves. I was thinking that these people should at least be presentable. But no, all the people I saw within my area are probably joking around too. Well, I am not demeaning them but half of them are naked, sticking their tongues out, and the like.


Not wavering and curios about the App, I downloaded a fake GPS App so I could go elsewhere and choose another country. I traveled to Los Angeles to see how they use tinder. Two-thirds of the profiles I saw are topless men, men with cigarettes and alcohol, tattoos, or naked. There were handful with great profiles (probably collecting likes?). I enjoyed reading the descriptions about themselves. It makes me think how brave these people are and putting their faces for everyone else to see. Yes, there were descent photos.


It was my first time using tinder and I do not know how it really works. So it happened, I swiped up instead of left or right. You know what happened? It said “SUPER LIKE” and then it said I found a “MATCH”. I was not planning to like the photo because it belonged to the 2/3 I was telling you about. A few minutes later I got a message from him. I panicked so I deleted my account.



Okay, I tried giving myself a second chance to discover this Tinder App. I registered again using my Facebook account. I diligently looked at other people’s profiles and look at it. I was surprised at how a picture could tell you something about a person. I see people showing their vices, bodies, sports, dogs, and hobbies. I was surprised about what your picture can tell you. I think the picture that you should put in your tinder is the picture that will tell people about you. There, I kept on looking at photos and I forgot about time. Funny, I do not like the photos but I kept on swiping away hoping I could find a decent photo with great description about themselves.

Mind you, I was carefully selecting potential people that I do want to meet in real life. I just don’t like anyone. I check the photos and their profile description.


In case you don’t know, I love dogs. I also like minimalism and zen. I stopped every time  I see a cute dog or cat. I read the profile of people with good photos. Probably, people will look at the photo and then if they like the photo, they will read what’s written in the profile. If the profile was bad, swipe away and move on to the next.  My tip for you my friends, please put a nice description about yourself. I saw someone “super like” me and I read his description. I kind of pity him a bit so I liked him too and there’s the match. Then I asked myself, what is the point of being matched with someone. He messaged me a bit until he figured out that I was located in the Philippines and then that’s it. Basically, people in tinder are only interested in people who they could personally meet. (So, no, you cannot find a friend in Tinder, my friends).

Next, I liked a person because the profile description was great, I was hoping that maybe this person could be a friend. It turned out to be tougher than the first match. Automatically, he’s asking whether I want to date him. (Again friends, you cannot find a friend in tinder). His profile says his looking for a friend, but that’s a lie. I researched how to “un-match” a person in tinder and I found out that you could unlike a person (whew). I should have known that in the first day. I think tinder is not a place for people like me who just wanted a friend. I feel bad for these matches, these people took efforts to send a message hoping they could find a date. Well, there are still plenty in tinder.


I decided to fly to Japan for my fourth day. Why you ask? Simple, I like Japan. I found out that Japanese in Tinder are more interesting than what I recently visited. As for Los Angeles, they have HD profiles and beautiful landscapes. For Japan, I really like Japanese profiles. They are funny. I cannot understand kanji, hence I used google translator to read from their description. I enjoyed looking at their funny profile pictures. Maybe they love to show their humorous side. I found matches but they never messaged me. There are some Caucasians in Japan who has tinder in Japan too.

Checking the Competition

There is an option there where you can choose to see only men , women or both. I chose both. What can I say, the competition is tough. there were so many beautiful girls out there. Why is it that there are more pretty girls than good looking men (joke!). I chose to turn off the see women option because I end up envying their beauty (lol).

Day 5- MY MOVE

I told you, I have several matches but no messages unlike in day 3. So, I sent “Hello!” to everyone. Some replied hello and hi back (Yay!). I do not know what to say after that. I understand that they can only understand Japanese. Anyway, this interesting thought came into my mind when a match happened and this Caucasian messaged me. After a few exchanges, I was able to tell him that I am not based in Japan. I learned from that conversation a very interesting fact. Even if they say that they were only looking for friends, they really intend to meet up with that “friend”. No meet up, no friend. (for the third time, you can not find a friend in Tinder).

I am planning to delete my account again tonight because I have no place in tinder.

Tinder App Review by Filipina , I mean my personal review.

It’s an App dedicated for people looking for dates not friendship. If you do not intend to meet up with your matches, then stay away from this App.  I should know it because it’s a dating up. Well, I thought there was something more to it than dates. It does not have more to it. It’s just a place to find dates.

For my Tinder App Review, If you are serious about dating someone. Stick to your locality because no one will talk to you unless they could meet you in person. You cannot find a friend in Tinder. I hope there is an App where you could find friends all over the world. It’s like tinder that uses your photo but not a dating app. Sort of friendship app where you meet people around the world. Not like Facebook, but like tinder. That way, we could have friends all around the world and talk about each other’s culture and country.

BOTTOM LINE: People who are willing to put their profiles in tinder used all their courage to show their faces to the world. If you are not serious about it, please do not use the app or do not like any photo. Why am I telling you this? I I felt guilty using the app and liking photos.  People expect to find their romantic partners here and it would be frustrating to know that your match was just checking tinder out and not serious about meeting you.

That’s what I learned in my Five days journey in Tinder. I like the App because you can meet people but it’s not a friendship app. Too bad.

Well, that’s it for the dating app called TINDER.

Truly yours,

your admin 😉

P.S. Right is for like, left is for Nope. Or the other way around? Good luck.

Tinder App Review by Filipina. Tinder App Review by Filipina



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