Struggling with SSL certificate !

I was nervous a few minutes ago because my website was down and I do not know what to do. I thank Lord Jehovah (Yahweh) for helping me get through this. Anyway, SSL certificate is a must for all bloggers and I learned a few gems of information along the way as I struggled to renew my certificate.

What is SSL Certificate?

It is the green lock on the address bar behind the website address. All websites need this one or else google will warn you to stay away from the said website. If you accessed my website last Sunday and early Monday, you will see a redirection message telling you that this website is unsafe. Do not worry, this website is safe. It is just that yours truly was still learning her lesson about not waiting  the last minute before renewing her SSL certificate. The green address bar telling you that the website is safe comes with a price – real money. You have to buy one if you want to keep your website running.

Now, I will tell you about the lessons I learned from renewing my SSL certificate.


I purchased my very first SSL Certificate for this website last November 25, 2016 when had a black Friday sale and it only costs me $.88  or less than P50.00 to buy my first SSL. Namecheap emailed me 30 days ago telling me to renew it and I said, why not wait for the next black Friday sale because I might be able to renew it for a lesser price. The next Black Friday Sale was last November 24, 2017, a day before my SSL certificate will expire.

Last Friday, I waited for a promo sale but I never get to catch any coupon (sad) because all coupons are sold out within the first second. Seriously, I was waiting for the count down for the next sale and after my web page refreshed for the new coupons, they were already sold out!  Since I cannot get the coupon I want, I researched for a promo coupon and was able to find a 20% off coupon. I was able to “renew” my certificate for $7.2 instead of $9.00 (that was what I thought). After paying for the whole thing and receiving the sale confirmation, I closed my browsers.

This Monday, I received an email from google telling me that my SSL Certificate already expired and they will put a warning sign to my website. I then checked my namecheap account and learned that I have to activate my SSL purchase before I can use it. I thought it renews automatically but I was wrong. So, I spent the whole day validating that Positive SSL Comodo certificate. I even resorted to a live chat support just to fix it.

This afternoon, my website was inaccessible and I thought that I might have done something to destroy it. However, before I clicked upload backup, I checked my website and it is now running beautiful as ever. I think my website went down because google or the persons responsible were fixing the SSL Certificate.

If I renewed at least 10 days ago, I would have been able to activate it without having to get a new ID and all that stuff.

2. OPERA is the best browser for namecheap cpanel

I think, based on experience, namecheap is more compatible with opera browser when it comes to updating the page and syncing accounts. The reason why I was panicking earlier is because chrome did not sync my namecheap account and cpanel so the ssl did not appear in the cpanel. I suggest you use opera browsers when updating namecheap and cpanel.

I apologize to everyone who got scared of my website. I assure you that this website is safe and not a scam site. Thank you for your support and I promise to renew all the necessary things at least 10 days earlier to avoid inconvenience to all those who visit my website.

Thank you!

Sincerely yours,


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