I just had this sudden realization that lawyers in the Philippines have minimal internet impact. Digital footprint is what the internet say about you. One way to know your digital footprint is by using “Google Search” and “GoGoDuck”, search your name and check the results. Did you see good articles about you? Bad articles? Or none at all? Search for your name in Facebook, did the facebook posts and photos reflected a respectable you or did it portrayed someone that deters potential client?

Importance of Digital Footprint for Lawyers

A Lawyer’s online presence in the internet is important because it attracts potential clients and give a great impression. Lawyers could not advertise their services but they can build their reputation through good articles. Philippines is saturated with lawyers and only few lawyers are able to establish a good name through mass media, they are the famous politicians. Due to the evolving social media, even non-politician lawyers could become known to the community through their digital footprint. The world is no longer limited to television, print, and radio. Internet became an equal playing ground for everyone.

I remember a lawyer who belonged to our chapter and passed away recently. I did not know him personally so I searched his name in the internet. I was a bit sad to discover that there was nothing about him in the internet. Other colleagues said that he was a great lawyer with great reputation. Sadly, the internet does not know him. Being part of the millennial, I use the internet a lot. Many might deny it but the new generation is so obsessed with the internet that a person who is not in it does exist.

So, if new lawyers want to be known by the present generation they need to establish their online presence called digital footprint. Building a good reputation online needs time and effort. There are a lot of examples of lawyers who developed their online presence such as “ACCRA LAw Office”, “Chan Robles Law Office” and “Libayan & Associates- BATASnatin The Firm”.

A good name can come from different sources, a single blog could create a great reputation like the offices I mentioned. You can learn more about Digital Footprint for FREE from the University of Edinburgh at https://www.coursera.org/learn/digital-footprint.

How to set up a BLOG for you or your Office

Setting up a blog does not have to be difficult. All you need are:

  • Domain Name
  • SSL Certificate
  • Hosting Services
  • WordPress.org

You may use free platforms like blogger and wordpress.com but I do not recommend them because you do not own the contents you write. They could cancel your blog anytime and you could not recover it. WordPress.org is recommended by everyone in the internet. You own your content and no one can just shut it down unless you failed to pay your hosting plan. Starting your own wordpress.org may cost at least $54 every year depending in the hosting plan you choose. Another problem with it is that it requires a little technical knowledge on cpanel and installations.

To help lawyers ease through the process and establish their digital footprint now, we are offerring a Shared Website Starter Kit package of Php199/month. The package includes:

  • Domain Name of www.YOURCHOSENNAME.lawyerph.com example www.attyxyz.lawyerph.com
  • SSL Certificate
  • Hosting services
  • WordPress.org – already set up with essential plugins
  • Free Genesis Theme (valued at $95)
  • Payable through BDO online (no credit card required)

Why Choose our Shared Website Starter Package of Php199/month.

Php199 is one of the cheapest package in the Philippines. Once you paid the fees, we will set up all necessary technical information such as activation of ssl, then we will provide you your wordpress.org username and password.

What are included in the package:

  • 7 GB storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth (visitor)
  • 100% uptime
  • powered by Namecheap and SSL COMODO.
  • Get countless FREE CHILD GENESIS Themes online
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEED within 15 days

The reason why I started this package was because I tried different local hosting before and I was so disappointed with them. They were cheap at Php50 per month (domain name and ssl not included) but my website was so slow and always inaccessible. I tried chatting with their technical support but they kept on telling me to upgrade because I only have 1 GB storage and 100 Bandwidth. I told them that I only used 100 MB storage and had no visitors, how come it was so slow. Their only answer was for me to upgrade to their P299 plan.

Anyway, once you sign up with us your website will have this genesis theme by studio press: Genesis Theme – Studio Press

There are countless guides on starting wordpress.org so you will not get lost. I am also planning to start a tutorial.


  1. Only real lawyers may use the lawyerph.com domain name
  2. To avoid interbannk fees, I Require BDO Online Account (for payment) register at BDO Online Account
  3. Start date shall be made from the time we provide you with your username and password which is within 48 hours from receipt of payment.
  4. Succeeding monthly payment shall be on the 25th day of the month. You will be given a grace period of 5 days before we deactivate your account for non-payment. Back-up of your files will be sent to your email.
  5. Direct questions to ikigaisimplicity@gmail.com
  6. You may recover your initial payment if you wish to terminate the hosting lease contract within 30 days.
  7. You are prohibited from uploading videos and files consisting more than 7 GB. Should you wish to include videos, feel free to link your website to your Youtube Channel.
  8. You may add Google Adsense and other means to monetize your website as long as they are legal contents.
  9. Pornography, violent contents, hate articles (racism, sexism, etc.) are prohibited and we will require you to delete those articles.
  10. Have FUN!


(Going live this February 1, 2019)

RESERVATION: send us your NAME, e-mail address to ikigaisimplicity@gmail.com


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