Pera Swipe Update June 2018

Greetings friend! smileswipe is here to tell you the latest update with Peraswipe. As you know, they have a new update which changes ways to earn more points in peraswipe. Are you ready to know them? Here they are:

  1. One (1) Point per Unlock

Back in the day when peraswipe started they are offering members 3 points per unlock. Now, it was changed to 1 point per swipe. T-T. Do not be sad because there is an update to compensate this change.

  1. NO MORE SWIPE 100

Sadly, you can no longer earn 100 points by swiping up and down for a 100 times. I told you in the past that this step is crucial to earn more points in peraswipe. However, with the new update this was absolutely no longer a method to earn more points in peraswipe. Should you be sad then? You should not be sad because there is an even better way to earn more points in peraswipe. Here it is:


I named it myself because I was too lazy to check its given name. It does not really matter how peraswipe call it but what is it? since the Swipe 100 is no more, pera swipe developed a way for us to earn more points in peraswipe by swiping down. So, since no more swipe100 and the unlock was downgraded to 1 pint, how can we earn points in pera swipe? The Build up your swipe will increase the unlock points as you swipe down the advertisement. Just make sure that you swipe slowly and you will notice that your unlock points increases up to 28 or more.

So, before you unlock your phone scroll down slowly to build up your point. As of now, I have not counted the maximum points you could earn daily. I will update you all if I did.


  1. Participate in the 3pm contests and participate in the attendance event.
  2. Build up your swipe by slowly swiping down before you unlock your phone.

There! Let’s see if this is a good thing for pera swipe. So far, I think it is still great! That’s the Pera Swipe Update June 2018

Truly yours,


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