Pera Swipe Review

Pera Swipe Review

I recently stumbled upon Pera Swipe App while looking for Paypal App in the Playstore. Pera Swipe promises to pay you just by swiping ads in your phone. It is really easy. Now, the question is, is it really paying? I tested this App so I am sure about it.

Will I earn in Pera Swipe?

Yes, the Pera Swipe will pay you through Cellular Load (TNT/SMART/SUN/GLOBE/TM) or Discount coupons, your choice. You will not get any cash but at least you can save up in some way or another just by swiping your phone. The Discount Coupon can be used in different stores including SM Department Store. Mind you, however, that you cannot earn hundreds of loads in one day. You will get 500 points if you register, just make sure that you included your referral or if you do not have a referral please use my username as your referral , smileswipe. You need 1299 Points to get P10.00 load. Every swipe is worth 3 points. Do not worry, there are many ways to earn points by joining events. As part of my Pera Swipe Review, I will present the pros and cons of this app and if this app is right for you.


  • You NEED INTERNET connection to use Pera Swipe. According to Pera Swipe, they use minimum data so you can use your data. If your office have internet service then you can download Pera Swipe and swipe away during your free time.
  • They usually have server maintenance, so there are days that you cannot redeem your points.
  • You need to be in the Philippines to use it.
  • It is quite new, so its future is not very guaranteed.


  • You can earn money by swiping.
  • You can earn more points by referring your friends.
  • They are earning money from local advertisers so it is legit unlike captchas where you help hackers.
  • You can only use one account even if you have multiple phones. Using multiple phones and multiple accounts is against their terms and conditions.
  • You can only get it from Google Play and not available for iOs

My Suggestion:

Test it out and tell the world your experience.

My Experience:

I tested it and earned 1299 points in one day, I was not able to redeem it immediately ¬†because it keeps on saying “Transaction failed”. I sent two queries to their e-mail but they never replied. I thought at first, why are they not paying is this a scam? Then they sent a notice through their app saying that they are undergoing maintenance to fix problems with redeeming points. After two days, I was able to redeem my points. So, they do not reply to emails but they fix the problem. I think they will stay a long time since they have a few partners already.

Thank you for reading my Pera Swipe Review !

Truly Yours,


Note: It is not yet available for iOs but I hope it will be availbale soon.

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