Learning to make roots means learning how to go back to where you started when you think you lost your way. So many times we wanted to do something right but we lose our way and we felt lost. Sometime, we give up and continue doing what we know is wrong. We feel like we are lost and can never start again.

We must, however, remember how to start again. Remember the reasons why we started, our goals in life, things that make us happy. We are in a world where everything is a rush, everything is a blur, we feel pain in our hearts – sometimes, we cannot take it. We are lost. We feel deep shame like we are buried deep within the sea and cannot get up. Numerous people feel that way, some just give up and let the sea take their lives.

We should not give up. We should start reflecting back and look for the roots we created. Before all the pain, before all the blur and chaos, where were we? What are we before these things happened in our lives. Were we happy? At peace? Think back of the times when we were happy without anyone.

Look into the blue sky and watch as the clouds pass by. What kind of peace did we feel before? Can we go back there even if we have to start with zero. Is there any possibility that we can reclaim the things we used to love?

I am making no sense but to people who are lost, they will find a map to find direction. Go back to the place where you were before all the chaos in your life. Think of your childhood, when you were innocent. Think of the moment when you are alive and not down. Find the path that you once took leading to a happy and peaceful life.

Learning to make roots

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