How to Register your Business with BIR in Baguio City 2018

Are you starting a new business, either as a sole proprietor or as a partner? Complying with government requirements to make your business legal is not easy. Long lines and hassles will never go away. This guide will hopefully help you to make your transactions easier. Before you start registering your business with SSS, PhilHealth, Pag-Ibig, it is advisable to register your business with BIR first. You have 30 days from your Mayor’s Permit registration to process your TIN. If you exceeded 30 days, just like I did, you need to pay a penalty plus compromise fee.

Disclaimer: Every City/municipality has different system of processing TIN  numbers for businesses. The Baguio Guide might not be 100% applicable to other areas in the Philippines. it is best to visit the Offices to guide you.


How to Register your Business with BIR in Baguio City 2018

Number of Hours required: 1 to 2 Days processing; plus 4 hours seminar

  1. Prepare your Documents

What Documents do you need to register your business? Prepare 3 copies each.

  • Mayor’s Permit (3 Photocopies)
  • DTI Certification
  • 2 IDs of owner
  • SPA from owner if the owner will not process it herself
  • BIR FORM 1901
  • BIR FORM 0605

2. Present your Documents

Go to BIR Baguio City and tell the guard that you are registering your new business. They will give you a queue number to the tellers. Wait for your turn. Once your turn is called, they will check if your papers are complete. Once complete, they will fill out your forms (1901 and 1906) and you will be directed to pay before proceeding to the next step.

3. Pay the Registration Fees and other fees

Go to Accredited Banks for payment. Present the Form to the teller/assistant desk in the bank and they will help you pay for the amount. The Accredited Banks are listed here.

4. Pay the Certification Fee at BIR

Now that you already paid, go back to BIR with your documents (IDs, Permits, DTI, forms). Tell the guard that you are registering your business and you already paid the fees. They should give you a queu number to Teller 8 (or other tellers) which process the Certification Fee. In this teller, they will require you to pay the Documentary Stamp Taxes (Php40) and Certification Fee (P100.00) will print your receipt.

5. Submit all documents to BIR

You will be directed to another teller (left side) wherein you will submit all your Documents. Once done, they will tell you to attend the mandatory seminar on Friday at 1:30 PM before you could get your Certificatiion and Ask for Receipt sign.

6. Attend the Seminar

Attend the seminar about filing taxes. Once done, they will give you your BIR Certificate.

7. Ask them about the Ledger Journal and Receipt

You can purchase the Ledger Journal in the BIR and you can ask the BIR to print the receipt for you.  The receipt is P1000 per 10 booklets. The receipt will be ready within 3 weeks.


If I knew this earlier, my life would have been easier.

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How to Register your Business with BIR in Baguio City 2018


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