Give yourself a time to heal

Our minds need a time to heal, a moment of solitude where it can relax and let go of all distractions caused by the internet. I am not saying that we shun away from it, just a few hours away from it each day. Away from the constant ringing and notification. Our mind needs to rest, it needs to breathe. And it can only do so if we give it time to relax.

How to give yourself a time to heal by disconnecting

1. Set a time of atleast 2 hours where you will not be connected to the internet. Turn off the internet and put your phone to silent mode. Do not check it for that “peacetime”. Make this daily time off a habit. 2. If you are talking to someone else or dining with him/her it would be wise to not check your phone and check your daily notifications. It is rude for that person and you are not feeling the moment. 3. Disconnect when you are with your family.

Give yourself a time to heal and “Be in the Moment”

We travel and go to parties to unwind and relax ourselves. We need a time where we can breathe away from the stresses of life. We can only do it if we relax into the moment and be part of the happiness that is happening. Almost everyone records everything that happens to their lives. There  is a meme that says that it feels like a trip never happened if no pictures were taken. This should not be the case. The beauty of the event and the experience must be stored in your brain not in your gadgets. There is a big difference between feeling the moment and experiencing the things unfolding than recording and enjoying it later. There is a difference between, “I am having fun” and “It seems that I had fun in this event”. Your soul will not be completely happy if you do not feel the things that are happening now. You may have it recorded but the emotion that comes from within cannot be stored in any chip. You may look happy in the video or picture but were you really happy that moment? Or did you forget to have fun because of your constant clicking, texting, or connecting in the Internet. For example, I always see people during birthdays who roam around and take pictures. They are no longer listening to the birthday celebrant or to the speeches of the people. They keep on taking selfies and pictures of others – they are not the official photographer but they have more pictures than the photographer. What did he/she accomplish? Lots of pictures but those persons cannot really recall what was said and what happened that day. Rather than having fun during the moment they chose to leave the premises and take pictures outside. How did we become like this? How come we take our lives for granted that we no longer feel the moment but record it. We brag that we were there but did we really – really enjoy our experience. Did we feel it in our hearts and learn a lesson or two? Here is a challenge for you, have a day off from constantly taking pictures and connecting to the Internet or texting. Give your self a time where your mind can heal.

“Without great solitude no serious work is possible.” – Pablo Picasso

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