LAWBSITE COMPLETE STARTER KIT Php199/month shall include:

  • Domain Name
  • SSL Certificate
  • Hosting
  • WordPress org
  • Free Genesis Theme

 15 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – just email us that you are discontinuing your account within 15 days from the day we provided your username and password.

By purchasing this product, you agree with our Terms and Conditions, to wit:

  1. Pornography, Violent Contents, Hate Articles (sexism/racism, etc) are PROHIBITED and we could terminate your contract should you persist in keeping the articles despite our warnings to delete the same.
  2. Payment shall be made through BDO Online Banking (details indicated upon check out) or Purchase Shared Website Starter Kit from the Shop prior to expiration of your account. If you insist in other means of payment, you will pay for the processing fee of your chosen means. I chose BDO Online because there is no fee.
  3. Payment shall be made every 25th day of the Month. In case of delayed payment, you will have FIVE (5) days Grace Period to pay. Should you fail to pay, we will delete your Account and send all your stored back up files to your e-mail.
  4. We will use Updraft to store your files. We are not liable for loss of data or information due to improper use of our services or any losses not due to our negligence. Please always back up your files using plugins in
  5. In case you exceeded the 7 GB limit, we will give you a warning so you could delete unnecessary files. In case you could not delete any files, we will charge you an additional Php169/month for additional 7 GB limit. To avoid maxing your allotted limit, use Dropbox and Google Drive should you wish to share Heavy-sized Files.
  6. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details at
  7. PRIVACY: All your information will be stored in our facility and will be shared with Stellar US Database,, including backup facilities such as Updraft, Google Drive (optional), and Dropbox (optional). All your information and files will be deleted 30 days after you terminate your contract with us. We will, however, send you the stored files that we possess prior to deleting your private information.
  8. Opt-out. You may opt out from our system by not renewing your account or sending us a notice through e-mail that you wish to opt-out from our system.

For more questions, feel free to e-mail us at