Affidavit Blueprints every new lawyers should know . This book is dedicated to all new lawyers. I hope this book could serve you well. These are some compilations that every lawyers should know. In fact, even law students and non lawyers could read this book.

Affidavit Blueprints every new lawyers should know


Chapter I. Department of Foreign Affairs

Affidavit of Loss of Passport
Affidavit of Mutilation
(Wet, Torn, Writings)
Affidavit of Explanation
Travel Document
Discrepancy of Birthdate
Discrepancy of Name
Affidavit of Retrieval
Affidavit for Unclaimed Passport

Chapter II. DSWD

Affidavit of Support (for Minors travelling abroad
Affidavit of Consent (to allow Minors to travel abroad)
Affidavit of Support and Consent
Joint Affidavit of Consent by Legitimate children (allowing their parents to adopt a minor)

Chapter III. Local Civil Registrar

Joint Affidavit of Disinterested Persons  (late registration of birth, late registration of death)

Affidavit of Explanation  (use maiden name )