New IBP Lifetime Membership Plan 2018

Have you heard the new IBP Lifetime Membership Plan 2018 effective May 2, 2018. Before this plan was implemented it was so easy to become a lifetime member of the IBP. All you need to do is pay the lifetime membership fee of about Php12,000.00 exclusive of the minimal annual fees for the IBP chapter. Now, there are certain requirwmwnts before you can become a liferime member:

Section 1 – Any lawyer, at the time he files his application for life membership, should have met the following qualifications:

a. Be a member in good standing;

b. Had at least ten (10) years continuous membership in the IBP;

c. Should have attendes at least five (5)  conventions of the IBP, eithee national or regional, or combinarion thereof;

c. Must have rendered at least One Hundred Twenty (120) hours of free legal aid service with the IBP.

“Contiuous membership” means that the applicant must have paid all the dues without arrears and without missing any year of payment.

Aside from the said requirements, we Section 2, to wit:

Section 2 – The application for life membership shall be approved by the National President upon favorable recommendation by the National Secretary, National Treasurer, and the Director of the National Center for Legal Aid (NCLA) and a clearance of no pending case from the Commission on Bar Discipline (CBD).

Adding these requirements makes the Lifetime membership more difficult at the same time more privileged. I understand that new lawyers will be irritated considering that they have to wait for Ten (10) years before they could become lifetime members. The good thing about this is that the new lifetime members will be considered privileged because of all the requirements they complied.

The benefit of being a Lifetime Member is freedom from increase of IBP fees in the future. There will be a time that  the IBP dues will increase, maybe Ten to Fifteen years from now.

Last year, there was a rumor that IBP will increase the IBP lifetime fee so I begged for money from my family members so I could pay it last June. I never knew that it was one of the best decisions I made.


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